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1300x66 Father's Day - Top TV DVD Collections


It’s time to celebrate! Poppy is planning a “secret gift swap” for all of Trolls Kingdom. When both Poppy and Branch end up drawing each others name things take an unexpected turn. Both are at a loss finding the perfect gift for the most important Troll in their lives. Meanwhile, Tiny Diamond comes down with a bad case of writers’ block, trying to think of a Holiday rap for his dad, Guy Diamond. On the journey to get his flow back, Tiny Diamond will meet new friends that guide him to look through the clutter. Will Poppy and Branch finally come up with the perfect gift idea for one another?

Trolls World Tour Extended Preview
Watch a full 10 minutes preview of Trolls World Tour - right here, right now!
Behind The Scenes
How are all the Trolls songs created? Watch the 'Anatomy Of A Song'

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